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When you need metal roofing services for your commercial building, you need experts who understand the specific issues your property has. At ProofKon Metal Roofing, we take this expertise to heart with everything we do and strive to give the absolute best options for all your metal roofing needs.

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Metal roofing has become a popular option for business owners for their roofing needs. Over the last decade, metal roofing has been increasingly in demand as customers recognize its benefits as a product and more roofing contractors and roofing companies are working to meet the demands in this emergent roofing trend.

When disaster strikes due to extreme weather, sudden leaks or other issues, it’s imperative to have your roof repaired before the interior of your building is compromised. If you find yourself standing under a leaking roof, you need a company that can solve the issue as quickly as possible while taking your budget and schedule into account.

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Why Consider a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs provide many benefits to the residential homeowner or business owner considering their commercial roofing options. Here are the benefits that those who are installing metal roofs are reporting:

  • Metal roofing has become more high-tech. When we talk about metal roofing, we are not talking about the type of roofing you see covering old barns. We are not talking about metal roofing as being a cheap alternative to other forms of roofing. Metal roofing has adapted in technology to become an attractive and lightweight material for the roofing of homes and commercial properties.
  • Metal roofing is lightweight. With the emergence of new technologies in metal roofing is the new design of metal roofing materials that are lightweight yet sturdy. It is easy to transport and easily sits on your structure comfortably without strain. Despite its light weight, it is very effective in trapping out the elements, making you think your roof is made of heavier material than it actually is.
  • Metal roofing is fire resistant. Traditional methods of roofing often used material that could be prone to fire when faced with a leak. In some cases, leaky roofs have led to electrical fires and roofs not made out of fire resistant materials have been in situations of near disaster. Metal roofing is fire resistant, giving you the peace of mind that you roof is designed to protect you and your structure in the event of a disaster involving fire.
  • Metal roofing has a long lifespan. When installed properly with a quality and experienced roofing company or roofing contractor, your metal roof should have as long a life as your residential property or business property. Since metal roofing is built to last, roofing companies usually have long warranties on their products, although warranties vary. Roofing companies may also guarantee their paint jobs for a determined amount of time as well when you purchase a new roof.
  • Metal roofing provides heat conduction. Metal roofs reflect the hard day sun, which minimizes the amount of heat a residential property or commercial property will take on. When a structure takes on less heat, less cooling is required which increases the efficiency of your air conditioning for your building. Depending on installation method, some roofs provide dead air space between the roof and the rest of the structure which can help increase energy efficiency.
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More Than An Metal Roofing Company

Metal roofing is a great option for residential properties and commercial structures and many roofing companies and roofing contractors will be happy to work with clients to find the best metal roof options for them. However, it is very important to ensure that a potential customer interested in installing a metal roof is aware of the potential drawbacks of this method of roof installation:

  • Metal roofing does cost a lot more initially. The initial cost of the metal roofing materials can be quite a bit up front with a higher than average price per square foot than alternative roofing materials. What is important to remember however, is that while the cost of a metal roof may be high initially, purchasing a metal roof will save you quite a bit of cost in the long run, mostly because it likely won’t need to be replaced.
  • Metal roofing can tend to be a bit noisy. For some, they may love the sound of rain or snow falling on a metal roof. They may find it homey and cozy in a rainstorm to hear the comforting sound of the rain on the roof. For others, they may find the sound of the rain on the roof a bit distracting and loud. Before you consider buying a metal roof, consider how a potentially noisy roof can affect those at home or at your business.
  • Metal roofs can be dented. If your area is known to have large hail storms, or you may have other objects that regular fly at your roof (i.e. your neighbour’s baseball!), your metal roof may be at risk of getting dents. Dents in the roof are more of a cosmetic problem rather than a structural issue, and you must consider the degree to which your metal roof can be susceptible to denting in your area.
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Premium Materials and Coatings: Superior, corrugated steel makes up most our metal roofing installations, but we also offer tin, stainless steel, aluminum and copper depending on your preference and budget.  


Metal Roof Protection: We combat UV rays, rust and water damage with metal coatings, including galvanized zinc and galvalume (aluminum and zinc). By applying metal coatings, we protect the more expensive and labor-intensive material underneath. There are different strengths of coatings and reapplication times will vary depending on a variety of environmental factors.


Benefits of Metal Coatings: Along with keeping your roof protected, metal coatings also offer energy-savings help. By blocking UV rays, the coatings cut down on your electricity use during hot months, saving you a significant amount on your monthly bills. You could also be eligible for a government sponsored rebate when you apply a coating.

Waterproofing: Moisture is one of the most common causes of roof damage and minimizing its risk is doubly important because it can affect the interior and exterior of your building. At ProofKon, we know the seriousness of protecting your roof and offer industry-leading products and methods to ensure your commercial building is given extra protection against the elements.


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